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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adult/Teen's Zone: Wireless Communications

Many hearing device users with hearing impairment would like to connect wirelessly to listen to their favorite electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, music players, and televisions. This is possible now with the new BLUETOOTH technology available from many leading hearing aid manufacturers.

This technology enables the sound from devices such as music players, televisions, cell phones, and computers to be transmitted wirelessly transparently through to the hearing devices either binaurally (through both hearing aids) or monaurally (through one hearing aid). This means that the digital audio signal provided from these sources remains clear and a high-fidelity sound is maintained for the hearing device user. The audio signal does not undergo the degradation that would typically occur if the signal had to pass through the air and over a distance to the hearing device wearer. For example, if a person with hearing impairment is wearing hearing aids and talking on his/her cell phone, he or she using this technology would simply push a button on the hearing device when a call comes in and the call would be transmitted directly through their hearing devices wirelessly. Also, one would not have to hold the cell phone up to one's ear to talk. One could simply talk into the microphone of the cell phone or into the microphone of the BLUETOOTH device on the hearing device to talk, whichever is easiest. As such, cell phone use becomes handsfree, heard more clearly, and heard through both hearing devices binaurally if desired.

Getting a clear audio signal is of utmost importance to a person with hearing impairment wearing hearing devices for ease of understanding and to help facilitate easier communication. This is what makes this interesting to the person with hearing impairment as does the fact that the technology is wireless aka. cord free!!!! When you have hearing impairment you are working with a damaged auditory or hearing system so the "cleaner" the audio signal coming in through the hearing aids and the less messy cords to deal with the better!!! This is why people love this technology! At this point, this wireless BLUETOOTH hearing aid device technology for pairing to various electronic communication/audio devices seems to be most useful/beneficial for people whom have more significant hearing impairment aka. moderate to severe-profound hearing loss and for those whom are active, and technologically savvy.

blogger: Sarah Helmel, M.Cl.Sc., Au.D, RAUD
Registered Audiologist